Anonymous: someone doesn't shave their black armpit!

old news buddy

Anonymous: my parents unschool me and I've had the most amazing childhood, wouldn't trade it for the world! Your baby will be very lucky to have you as a mommy

yes! :)

Anonymous: Are you Amy's sister?!

well i guess so! my sister’s name is Amy that’s true

Anonymous: How do you live with such a positive mind set, everytime im on your blog i get a positive attitude. I love it. <333

it’s much more fun to be positive about things

Anonymous: I think I'm going to cry of happiness when your baby is born I'm so excited and happy for you I love you dearly good luck mama

thank you! i love you too

Anonymous: what does justin do for a living?

he grows weed

Anonymous: Hehe the oven button popped out!! It's almost time!! I can't get over the fact that one day I'm going to come on here and see BABY PICTURES!! =D how are you feeling mama? Are you able to nest like you needed at last??

i feel ready, luckily i have found a beautiful temporary nest! we can stay here long enough to ease my mind for now. everything is good :)

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