Anonymous: Do you just go on and have sex with different people


Anonymous: I'm kinda new to your blog, but I really admire you :). Congratulation on your pregnancy :) peace and love

Thank you :)

Anonymous: I think I might be pregnant and I had sex with two different 28 year olds.... my period is two weeks late. I don't know what to do, I have so much regret and I feel so depressed.

Wait don’t get yourself all worked up until you know for sure. Take a pregnancy test. You could just be stressing yourself out and delaying your period. It will be okay.

Anonymous: Do you have a favorite book? What are some of your favorite things to read?

I love to read, I read almost every day and I really like to read all kinds of books. My favorite story book that I’ve ever read was Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins. But recently I’ve been reading a ton of pregnancy/parenting books. My favorites of what I’ve read so far were Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin, Sacred Birthing by Sunni Karll, Great With Child by Beth Ann Fennelly, and The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff which I just recently mentioned :)

Anonymous: I've been vegan for about 3 months now and just realized suede is leather...a lot of my clothes and shoes are made from suede. I feel terrible :(

Well don’t feel bad! You didn’t know. It’s okay. Give thanks to them and now you can decide what you want to do with all of your clothes that animal friends have given you… you could give them to a non-vegan friend, you could donate them. Whatever you do don’t just throw them away. Make sure they go somewhere where they will be loved and cherished so that their lives were not wasted.

Anonymous: the only type of men that will have sex with you if you don't shave, is the type of men that don't shave as well, or shower for that matter .. *camera pans to justin* ... i'm sure this comes with a very unique um...... aroma, if you will.

Wow you’re really rude and this is exactly the reason why girls don’t feel comfortable in their own bodies showing of their NATURAL body hair. Nice work asshole I hope you’re really proud of yourself.

Anonymous: Did you ever shave your pubic hair?

Well yeah of course! Because like a lot of women, I was made to believe that if I didn’t no one would love me or have sex with me. Now I can tell you simply from experience that is not true!

Anonymous: How many people have u had sex with

More than 10, less than 20. I don’t really remember or care to.

Anonymous: I've always been worried about not shaving my pubic area, because I'm scared that if I were to have sex or something with someone they would point it out or ridicule me... For the record, I don't want to shave... XX

Noooo please don’t stop yourself from doing what you want because you’re worried about what someone might think!! Do what you want to do! And try not to have sex with immature little boys that you don’t trust. Most men are aware that most women have pubic hair! Be confident and know that you are naturally beautiful. No one is going to ridicule you if they are lucky enough to be in such an intimate space with you, they will be honored.

The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff is an amazing book and should be read by everyone, especially those who have children or plan to in the future.

Anonymous: I don't want to vibrate any hate towards you sunshine, I don't think anyone else here is either. I'm sorry if this offends you but some people on here are genuinely trying to do nothing but offer you kind and helpful advice, instead of shooting them down and giving rude responses, you should at least be grateful that they're attempting to give you loving advice. I'm sorry. I just don't think it's fair how some people are just trying to help and you just shoot them down.

I really don’t need advice and I don’t want anyone to give me advice unless I specifically ask for it, that’s not why I’m here.

Just when I think it’s over,  the vaccination debate spreads to my Facebook… SIGH.

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