I want to feel the ocean. It’s only one mile to the bluffs, i can see a sliver of it through the bathroom window. I keep dreaming about it at night. but i don’t feel strong enough to walk there yet and I’m not ready to put Sage in a car. Maybe soon, maybe tomorrow…

Anonymous: How does the grateful dead make u feel when u listen to them??

Too much to say… I close my eyes and feel my hand out the window rolling down the endless highway, teo driving- i pass him the bowl and light it for him. jjack in the backseat sleeping. Walking through the park in San Francisco with my backpack on. Making candles in teo’s mom’s garage. Splitting a beer before the dead dance in Santa Cruz and spinning all night long. It makes me feel like roses and weed and like I’m still free.

Anonymous: how many times do you wear clothes before washing them?

Until they smell bad/have too much food on them

Anonymous: I'm sorry I don't understand, what is a yoni?


Anonymous: I'm so glad you and baby are OK! Are you surprised at your 50 hr labor? Do you think you'll have more children someday? Wishing you the best!!

Me too. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to take that long I’ve never even heard of anyone having such a long labor! I don’t know if I’ll have more, not anytime soon that’s for sure… Thank you :)

Anonymous: Have you started smoking marijuana again now that You're beautiful Sage has been born?


What are some good middle names for sage?

Anonymous: If it's not infected and not bleeding, you should be fine. This is going to sound odd but stitches aren't always a medical necessity (unless, of course, a vein or artery is nicked, or if you're bleeding profusely), they just keep the wound closed so it's not freely bleeding or open to infections. Often it's more for convenience than med necessary. My dr actually told me that when I was young and ripped my hand open on a tree, and couldn't stitch it because he was afraid to sew debris into it.

I know it’s not a medical necessity that’s why I have a choice. Obviously i will be fine but it’s not about that. It’s about being happy.

Anonymous: Have your parents met the baby boy yet?


Baby boy is two weeks old today. We just left the room he was born in for the first time.

Anonymous: If it seems hot, red and inflamed, it may be infected. Do you have any tea tree oil? I use that on wounds and it works wonders as an antibacterial and to help with the healing. But infection should be more of a worry than more stitches. All stitches do is hold the skin together to allow it to knit itself back, by now you're most likely healing and may not need them unless you find yourself bleeding all over the place.

It’s definitely not infected and I’m not bleeding at all, the problem is that she just didn’t sew me up all the way!

Anonymous: Do what makes you more comfortable with yourself and sharing your body again with your love! I'm sure it looks beautiful still.. Congrats on Sage! Xo

Thank you love :)

Anonymous: Just roll with it mamma, your yoni is perfect now, I assure you.

Thank you

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